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Village 9 kms east of Debrecen. It was first mentioned in the records of tithes of Nagyvárad by the name of Belperch in 1292-94. So in 1992 it celebrated the 700th anniversary of its foundation. At the end of the 13th century the king's servants settled here in the middle of the one-time large oak-wood. The word 'bel' in the old name originates from this. The landowner had the right to impose duty on the transport of salt and precious metals going through his estate. The village has had the name, Vámosperch since that time. King Matthias gave the village the right to hold fairs. In 1605 the hajdú settlements including Hajdúvámospércs got the rank of town, the first Calvinist church was built at that time. Its first school was built in 1742, the first steam mill was built in 1905. In 1876 Vámospércs became a village again. After the change of the political system it started to develop and it became a town again on st July 2001.

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